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Animal news archive
Escaped Emu Mistaken For Naked Man
Hamburg, Germany (Reuters)

An escaped emu caused confusion in Hamburg after a woman called police to report what she thought was a bare-chested man . . . read more

Hungry Ferret Causes Commuter Chaos
ABC News

A hungry ferret has caused chaos on a commuter train in central England, leaping from passenger to passenger before ducking into the driver’s cab . . . read more

Artist Donates Picture To Elephants Who Provide Dung For His Art

Award winning artist, Chris Ofili, has donated a painting to the Zoological Society of London to help the elephants . . . read more

New York Dogs Try Yoga For Stress Relief
New York, New York (Reuters)

New York City dog owners who worry that their furry friends need some stress management have a new option: yoga for dogs . . .
read more

Whale Swims Up River in U.S., Heads Back to Sea
Seattle, Washington (Reuters)

An adventurous gray whale that had found its way several miles up a river north of Seattle appears to have turned round and found its way . . . read more

Injured Dog Limps To Hospital
Beckley, West Virginia (AP)

It was canine intuition when an injured black Labrador retriever did a doggone good job of getting medical attention. . . . read more

Cat Translation Device In The Works
Tokyo, Japan (AP)

After selling 300,000 pet-lovers on the Bowlingual gadget that supposedly translates a dog's bark into human language . . . read more

"Klepto Cat" raiding California homes
Simi Valley, California (AP)

A cat burglar's booty is being hoarded in a Ventura County home. A marauding feline named Midnight . . . read more

Prime suspect cleared in attack on queen's dog
London, UK (AP)

Princess Anne's bull terrier Dotty didn't fatally maul a corgi belonging to Queen Elizabeth II shortly before Christmas . . . read more

Feeling Sexy? It Could Be Your Cat
Fox News Channel, Jennifer D'Angelo

Want to make a special someone purr? Maybe you should give her a cat . . . read more

A Parrot's Screams
Tucson, Arizona (AP)

A parrot's parody of a damsel in distress caused quite a commotion. . . . read more

California town unveils "Fountain of Woof"
Carmel, California (AP)

For dogs lucky enough to live in Carmel-By-The-Sea, life just doesn't get any better. . . . read more

SBF seeks male companionship
Personal ad

Candlelight dinners will have me eating out of your hand. Rub me the right way and I will respond with tender caresses. . . . read more

Help - my hamster's stuck in my printer
Flensburg, Germany

Police in Germany were surprised to receive an emergency call from a woman . . . read more

Spaniel Adopts Hare
Grou, Holland (Reuters)

A cocker spaniel which caught a hare adopted the animal instead of killing it. . . . read more

Bull finds way to dead owner's grave
Roedental, Germany

A bull that pined for its owner has been led away from his grave . . . read more

Cat survives trip on roof of owner's car
Tauranga, New Zealand. New Zealand Herald

A cat had a narrow escape from serious injury after it clung to the roof . . . read more

Lawyer says client's rooster owned drugs
Philippines. (The Australlian Herald Sun)

A lawyer has told a court in the Philippines that drugs found in a rooster's cage . . . read more

Golden retriever fetches stolen handbag
Berg-am-Laim, Germany

A German golden retriever lived up to its name . . . read more

Ice cream for dogs launches
Edingen, Belgium

A Belgian company is producing ice cream specifically for dogs. . . . read more

Animal rights activist wants to live like a pig
The Australian Herald Sun

An Australian animal rights activist wants to live like a pig . . . read more

Giant lobster to live on as shell of former self
Pittsburgh, AP

A gigantic lobster that may have survived two world wars and Prohibition . . . read more

Shih Tzu finally gets a chance to nurse
Edwardsburg, Michigan

A Shih Tzu who, her owners say, longed for years to give birth. . . . read more

Torri Hutchinson's cat might just have one less life to live
Inkom, Idaho, AP

Hutchison was driving along Interstate 15 one day recently . . . read more

Bonus story, not from news, but we had to share

This is one smart, incredibly accomplished and bi-lingual (!) dog . . . read more

What the parrot said to the vicar...
Warwickshire Animal Sanctuary, Nuneaton

A parrot has been put in isolation and made to listen to Radio 4 . . . read more

Parrot helped catch robbers
El Salvador, Las Ultimas Noticias

A parrot has become a celebrity in El Salvador . . . read more

Horse with hay fever
Exhall, Coventry

A horse has to sleep on shredded newspaper. . . . read more

Door knocking bear
Gerovo, Croatia

Animal experts in Croatia say a bear has learned how to trick people . . . read more

Missing: Parakeet. Speaks Hungarian.
Jamaica, Vermont, (AP)

A search is on for a Hungarian-speaking parakeet that escaped . . . read more

A hippo baby and his adopted mommie
Nairobi, Kenya (AFP)

A baby hippopotamus that survived the tsunami waves on the Kenyan coast has formed a strong bond with a giant male century-old tortoise . . . read more

What's Good For the Goose!
Stockholm, Sweden (AP)

A Swedish hunter spent two days in bed after being knocked unconscious by a Canada goose . . . read more

Emily the missing Wisconsin cat turns up in France
Appleton, Wisconsic (AP)

When Emily the cat went missing a month ago, her owners looked for their wandering pet . . . read more

Emily the cat flies business class back home
Paris, France (AP)

The wayward tabby from Wisconsin who disappeared two months ago . . . read more

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