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Help - my hamster's stuck in my printer
Flensburg, Germany

Police in Germany were surprised to receive an emergency call from a woman whose hamster was stuck in her printer.

Officers in Flensburg initially thought someone was making fun of them when a distraught woman rang them in the early hours of the morning.

The woman, aged 48, told them her hamster Teddy had crawled into her printer and, being a little chubby, couldn't get out again.

Teddy's owner, who has five hamsters in all, told police she had tried calling out the local animal shelter but had got no reply.

She then phoned her vet, who told her it was more of a case for a printer technician.

Police sent out an officer to help but by the time he arrived, a neighbour had already rescued Teddy who was safely asleep in his cage.

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