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Escaped Emu Mistaken For Naked Man
Hamburg, Germany (Reuters)

An escaped emu caused confusion in Hamburg after a woman called police to report what she thought was a bare-chested man with two big white dots on his forehead staring into her window, police said on Friday.

The large, flightless Australian bird resembling an ostrich had been on the run from a local zoo since Thursday.

"The woman heard someone tapping at the window and when she looked out she saw a head with two big eyes and a bare chest," a Hamburg police spokesman said.

Officers knew there was an emu on the run and put two and two together after they found no one suspicious.

"We’re still looking for either a naked man with huge eyes or an emu," the spokesman added.

The bird has escaped twice in two weeks. Last week it ran away and frightened a horse, but was eventually captured.

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