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Injured Dog Limps To Hospital
Beckley, West Virginia (AP)

It was canine intuition when an injured black Labrador retriever did a doggone good job of getting medical attention.

The dog, apparently struck by a car on July 4, found his way to Beckley Appalachian Regional Hospital, hobbled through the sliding glass doors and waited for assistance in the hallway.

"It's the darndest thing," said Ted Weigel, marketing director at Beckley. "The dog limped in and laid down where people could see it. It seemed to know exactly where to go for help."

Hospital workers gave the dog water, called a veterinarian and offered to pay the bill.

"There's no way they were going to put an injured animal back on the street," Weigel said.

Dr. Roger Ward treated the animal, and the vet said the canine suffered road burns, scrapes and an infected wound on his leg.

The 7-year-old male dog has been a model patient, Ward said.

"He is incredibly calm and patient," Ward said. "He has a wonderful temperament. He's very gentle and he's been easy to treat."

Ward and hospital officials are searching for the dog's owner.

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