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What's Good For the Goose!
Stockholm, Sweden (AP)

A Swedish hunter spent two days in bed after being knocked unconscious by a Canada goose that landed on his head moments after his son shot it dead.

The goose had been flying about 60 feet in the air when it was shot by Carl Johan Ilback, who was hunting with his father, Ulf, along a stream in eastern Sweden.

When the goose dropped from the sky, it hit Ulf Ilback in the head and knocked him out, he said.

"It wanted to extract its revenge, I assume," Ulf Ilback told local newspaper Extra Ostergotland on Wednesday. "If it had gotten a better hit, it could have broken my neck."

Ilback spent two days in bed with severe headaches before returning to work.

"The story brought about a lot of laughter at work," he said.

He added that during this month's moose hunt, he may wear a helmet.

Editor's note: Sounds like a very good idea. eh?

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