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Cat survives trip on roof of owner's car
Tauranga, New Zealand. New Zealand Herald

A cat had a narrow escape from serious injury after it clung to the roof of its owner's car as he drove to work.

Bono, a grey persian, was rescued when owner John Sutton saw it slide down his windscreen as he slowed in traffic in Tauranga, New Zealand.

He thought he'd chased Bono away from his Toyota Celica before he left for work. But a short distance from his home Bono slid down the windscreen and gripped the wiper blades after Mr. Sutton slowed down.

"It gave me a hell of a fright. Then I realised it was Bono and he was bloody petrified," said Mr. Sutton.

When he pulled over to retrieve Bono, he saw an unmarked police car with lights flashing pulling up behind him, says the New Zealand Herald.

"I thought he was going to pull me for driving with something dangerous on the roof. I hadn't done anything wrong that I could think of," said Mr. Sutton.

Instead, the police officer told him he thought Bono was a fluffy toy or a stuffed cat being carried on the car roof as a joke.

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