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Shih Tzu finally gets a chance to nurse
Edwardsburg, Michigan

A Shih Tzu who, her owners say, longed for years to give birth is finally getting a chance to nurse some little ones, even if they're the wrong species.

Owners Jean and Bill Schirf said the dog, named Geisha Girl, used to take a toy dog, wrap herself around it in her basket and mother it for a week or two.

Now she's doing the same thing with two stray kittens that Jean Schirf found two weeks ago in the woods behind her Cass County home.

"She wraps herself around them all night long," Schirf said.

Not only did Geisha Girl start watching over and cleaning the kittens, which have been named Dilly and Dally, she started lactating within about a week – enough to provide them with some of the milk they need. Schirf helps out by bottle-feeding the cats 2 percent milk

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