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Abandoned Tiger Cubs Nursed By Pig!
Guangzhou City, China, Information Times

Three abandoned tiger cubs are being nursed by a pig at a zoo in China.

The three Bengal tigers reportedly enjoy their playtime with their piglet foster brothers and sisters.

A spokesman for Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park, in Guangzhou City, said the cubs were rejected by their mother.

We tried many ways, including bottle feeding, but the cubs rejected them," he told Information Times.

"Then we thought, since this is the Chinese Year of the Pig, why don't we find a pig to nurse the hungry babies."

The zoo bought a sow who had just given birth and brought her to the zoo with her newborn piglets.

"The tigers are tamely sucking the milk, and the sow accepts her three new sons," added the spokesman.

"We are feeding them meat as well now, and hopefully with the meat supplement they'll grow stronger."

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