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Mryelf: A feline acknowledgement. This vocalization is typically issued while crossing the sight line of a human observer. The pitch generally rises at the end, as if to pose a question. It represents a combination of "How ya doin'?" and "Are you looking at me?"

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Cat eats too fast
If you have a cat that eats too fast, place a golf ball in the bowl with the food. This will not improve his or her golf average, but it will force the cat to eat more slowly.
Contributed by Veterinarian, Dr. J.Thompson of Buckingham, PA

Cats and dogs together
If you have a household where cats and dogs live together, it might be best to feed them separately. The dog will probably eat his or her own food and the cat's as well. In this case, separate does mean equal.
Contributed by J.Wilson of Northampton, PA

Dog jumps on you
If you have a young dog that jumps on you whenever he or she sees you, don't encourage the behavior by petting the animal. Only pet the dog if it listens to your commands of "down." It takes patience, but it will eventually work as long as you reward the dog every time he or she gets it right.
Contributed by N.Polhemus of Hampton, NJ

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