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Let sleeping dogs and cats lie
Here below lie some animal friends worth meeting.
Tell your friends about this humorous page devoted to pets and humor.
Don't feel left out if you or your pet have no fur.
Perhaps we will consider another archive of creatures who are not so furry in the near future.

2 bed cat

It's all about me!
mommy and kitten

So, love me tonight . . .
tomorrow may never come.

man with brood

To all the girls I've loved before . . .

computer graphics cat

But this is a mouse. I know it is!

cat with teddy

Night and day, you are the one . . .

kitten with yarn

To sleep, to dream, to . . . knit!

man's best friend

Man's very best friend!

cat milo derby

Milo, you gotta get up.
You're our first line of defense!

great dane

'Cause your feets too big . . .

kitten on back

To sleep, perchance to dream . . .

puppy on rug

Tomorrow, tomorrow, you're only a bone away.

puppy in bun

. . . is unable to lunch today . . .