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pet santaHoliday Gifts For Your Pets: Fa, La, La, La La, Ruff, Ruff, Meow!
by Marjorie Dorfman

Are you in a quandary about what to get your beloved four-legged family members? Do you have a need to deck the paws as well as the halls? If so, read on for some new ideas on an age-old dilemma.

When out amid the madness of crowds and malls searching for that perfect gift for all those not so perfect friends and family members, we cannot forget the most loyal among us, namely our pets. For dogs and cats it seems there have been just a few choices, at least until recent times. But even the most mundane rawhide toys for dogs and other "catnippy" gifts for cats have taken on space age possibilities! In addition to pet photos and apparel, which are old hat, be high-tech this year and consider a food bowl for your favorite furry companion that sends you an email when it needs to be filled! If only just for the holidays, try to think outside the (litter) box!

catnip giftAs far as rawhide toys go, for example, the holiday spirit has taken over their manufacture (perhaps gone amuck might be a better turn of phrase). Now one can "deck their paws" with boughs of holiday candy canes (crunchy, pressed or munchy, large medium or small) wreaths, snowflakes, Christmas trees, gingerbread men, bells and snowmen (not the abominable kind). Stockings with lollipops and enclosed gift tags to be devoured in one swallow are also available when nagging postmen aren’t. Yes, even Christmas cards and edible baskets and buckets are on hand for that discerning and obviously quite hungry holiday doggie.

You might want to go the literary route this holiday season. Consider a book or magazine for a different and highly practical doggie gift! Eat, Drink and Wag Your Tail as well as Whole Dog Journal are both available at Just 4 Pooches, and they will appeal to the gourmet and health conscious canine who has everything. Don’t let the fact that your dog can’t read stop you. After all, in the long run isn’t it the thought behind the gift that really counts in the long run?

In case you can’t make up your mind, let your favorite pet do it for you. (Cats especially, are very good at this.) Gift certificates are available at many online malls. It’s the perfect gift for that fussy canine or feline that needs time to decide and won’t buy just because something special might be on sale! (Particularly considerate, don’t you think, especially since they are not paying for it.)

pets christmasPerhaps a more high-tech and practical gift is on the list for that favorite dog or cat. Consider then the Electronic Cat and Dog Sonic Obedience Trainer available online at High Tech Pet Products. It boasts of a quick and easy way to train dogs or cats. It employs sound and not shock to teach behavior modification. Four different tones are available. (Irritated, mad, very mad and enraged beyond repair for unwanted behaviors might do the job in my house, but I can’t speak for this manufacturer.) A rapidly pulsating "no" deters barking and jumping, and three other sounds effectively teach commands such as Heel. Sit, Come, etc. (Frankly, I would have to see a cat respond to "heel" to believe it. My cats don’t take orders very well.)

pet christmas giftsIn any case, the Pro Trainer Plus represents a significant advance in cat and dog training, providing the owner with an aid that is quick, easy and effective. As yet, there is nothing on the market that can train pet owners or at least effectively sedate them while attempting to utilize these different techniques. Perhaps next year? Consider too these three other supersonic space age possibilities: The Sofa Scram Sonic Mat, the Sound Barrier Indoor Dog and Cat Electronic Containment Fence and the Yard Barrier Wireless Outdoor Sonic Pet Fence. These are all designed to repel pets from undesired locations. They correct behavior painlessly, but not soundlessly.

If these are not space agey enough, you might want to buy an Electronic Flea Collar for your beloved pet to help dispel all those electronic fleas. At a cost of about forty dollars, these collars emit powerful ultrasonic pulses, which are inaudible and harmless to pets and humans. Not so for the fleas, however, who stop biting, disperse and seek out traveling circuses and sideshows for future employment.

pet giftsSo whether you decide to fight fleas scientifically or munch on a rawhide candy cane to demonstrate solidarity and togetherness, remember that this special time of year is meant for sharing and giving thanks for all that we do have in this world. Our loyal furry friends are always there for us; a gift is the least we can do for them. They give us so much more in every way, enriching our lives with their unconditional and loving yaps and meows. So deck halls, paws and everything moving and think about the cost next year. Maybe we’ll all get lucky and a hurricane will sweep away all records of credit cards and bill collectors. Not likely, you say? Well, maybe not, but don’t let all that get in the way of having a grand old holiday time however you choose to celebrate. Just celebrate. That’s the thing and it’s a good one even if you’re not Martha Stewart.

Happy Holidays to All and to All a Good Yap and Meow.rawhide bones gifts

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